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Where To Find A Digital Marketing Job

Where To Find A Digital Marketing Job

Getting a digital marketing job is not difficult. If you've read my post on how to get a digital marketing job, then you already know that it requires you to put in work and effort. While I've already talked about the "how", I haven't talked about where to look for digital marketing jobs. So, in this post, you'll learn the different places I like to look at when looking for a digital marketing job.

1. Your Network

Your network is one of the first places you should reach out to when looking for a digital marketing job. Your network will know you better than strangers and will genuinely want to help you. Depending on how strong your network is, it's possible for you to be put in a higher digital marketing position that you would not have been able to secure on your own. We all trust our network when they make recommendations or give referrals.

"If a high-quality individual tells someone they should hire you, you now also look like a high-quality individual."

2. Job Boards

If you don't have a network or your network does not have any connections to digital marketing, I'd recommend looking at job boards. Most companies will post their open positions on job boards as a way to get as many applicants as they can and you can take advantage of that. Here's what I like most about job boards:

  • Lots of job positions to apply to
  • Reduces my time commitment due to some job boards allowing you to apply to multiple job postings in one click
  • It's easy. It requires little brain power and can be done daily between other activities.

As you probably already know, just because you apply does not mean you're going to get a reply or call from that employer. When applying to jobs via a job board, it's really just a numbers game. The more digital marketing jobs you apply for, the more likely you are to receive a call or email. And if you apply to 100 jobs and you don't receive any calls or emails, you should then take a look at your resume or the jobs you're applying to and further optimize your resume to fit the requirements of the jobs you're applying to (if you're actually qualified for the position).

3. Email Outreach

Just because a job doesn't have a job posting doesn't mean they wouldn't hire someone that could help them profitably grow their business. There are plenty of businesses that need help and are looking to hire someone for digital marketing but haven't got around to create the job posting.

Depending on your job market, if there aren't many good local digital marketers - a company might hire you even if they don't need a digital marketer. They would do this so that when they need a digital marketer, you're already there and familiar with their systems/process.

So, don't be discourage or be afraid to send a direct email to someone at a company to see if they're looking for a digital marketer anytime in the future. The worst thing they can say is no. And if they do say no, you can simply ask them to keep you in mind if they do and move on with your day

4. Recruiters

Recruiters are another area to pay attention to when looking for a digital marketing job. Recruiters make their money by bringing high-quality candidates to employers looking to hire. Because that's their job, they're always looking to network and build relationships with people in the market for jobs.

By reaching out to recruiters and letting them know the type of job you're looking for as well as sending them your resume, they will keep you in mind for every new opportunity that comes up. And if they feel like you'd be a good fit, they're going to reach out to you and see if you'd be interested in that position.

It's a win-win situation on both sides.

One thing to pay attention to when using recruiters is the type of job they bring to your attention. These jobs will range from contract to part-time to full-time. So if you're not open to different employment types, I'd recommend letting the recruiter know upfront that you're only looking for contract, part-time, or full-time work. This will help them make sure they're not wasting time by bringing you opportunities that you don't want.

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