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How To Get A Digital Marketing Job

How To Get A Digital Marketing Job

In this post, I’m going to show you how to get a digital marketing job - even if you don't have any prior experience. Regardless if you’d like to do SEO or Paid Advertising (this includes Facebook Ads) – this post will help you secure a digital marketing job.

The Process:

  • Learn the basics (terminology and overview of the process)
  • Practice on your own websites
  • Document the results (both good and bad)
  • Start applying for a basic position at a small agency (doing tedious work under someone with more experience)
  • Eventually you'll get a job (depending on your interview skills), probably not high-paying, but it's your "foot in the door".

Learn The Basics Of Digital Marketing

You're going to want to pick a digital marketing path and then get started on learning the basics.

These are the two paths that I recommend:

  • Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO)
  • Paid Advertising (including social advertising)

The main reasons I recommend those paths for digital marketing are because:

  • They're relatively easy and quick to learn the basics
  • The earning potential for both of those paths is high.

Practice Digital Marketing On Your Own Websites

Learn how to set up your own Wordpress website so that you can apply the knowledge you've learned.

If you're taking the SEO path, I'd recommend you make your website a blog about a very big (probably also competitive) topic that you have experience in. Thanks to long tail keywords, you should be able to slowly gather some visitors and reap the fruits of your learning (albeit small fruit).

If you're taking the paid advertising path, I'd recommend you use your website to make landing pages and send traffic to them in an attempt to grab email addresses (leads). You may also want to get specific (and less competitive) with the topic of your landing pages in order to increase the likelihood of getting conversions and to reduce the amount of money spent for your ads.

Regardless if you have good or bad results, document everything. Document the work you've done already (add these skills to LinkedIn & your resume), as well as the results that came from it.

Even if you did not have any good results, you now have some experience and new skills!

But, I'm not going to lie, good results will get you a job much quicker than no results.

Start Applying For Entry Level Digital Marketing Jobs

Once you have some skills and experience doing things on your own website, start applying for jobs (preferably with a medium-to-large agency in order to learn more). No, you're not going to feel "confident" yet. Confidence will come from more experience (which you will use the job to get).

I'd recommend using Indeed to mass submit your resume (for convenience and it doesn't hurt anything), continuously building your skills experience with your own websites, and building your LinkedIn profile (recruiters like to reach out via LinkedIn).

You're not going to get a job after the first few applications you submit. It's a numbers game.

You only need to get your foot in the door. So make sure you're consistently submitting applications (daily is ideal).

Get A Digital Marketing Job

If you're consistently applying to jobs while improving your skills and experience, you will get a job. It's just a matter of time.

Once you have the job, try to do your best and make sure to ask questions if needed.

However, just because you now have a job doesn't mean you should stop working on your own website and projects. By doing both, you'll improve your skills much faster than your peers - which means more money in the long-run!

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